Poll Results: Our Readers Are Drunk Again

Well, you guys have heart. We'll give you that much. It's nice to see optimism, especially after such a depressing season in 2008. We've got little reason to think things are going to improve -- especially if you listen to the media and other genius bloggers out there.

But there you guys are, tipping the polls in the direction of a 6-7 win season. 42% of you (the plurality) chose that one as your prediction. And while we think you're probably drunk, we like you drunk because it means it's easier for us to get randy with you.

Next up was "4-5 wins" with 39% of the vote and, frankly, 4-5 wins would be just fine for this year. It would show progress and would make the season exciting. Only 9% of you said "3 wins or less," and god bless those of you (3%) who voted for a double-digit win season. You will truly be the prognosticators of prognosticators if that occurs.

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