BS Bracketalysis Time!!!

So, you think you're smarter than J or boilerdowd? That's unpossible.

But, you can try to prove that you're better at guessing the outcome of athletic contests than the Handsome Duo.  Good luck, you're gonna need it.

Plus, there's a chance you'll win a bazillion dollars* or a chance to rub J's achy body parts!!!!  Other prizes might include a possible chance to write a guest column on this very site, a beautiful pendant keychain, Indianapolis Firebirds box seats and an opportunity to fight boilerdowd in a prison-style brawl**.

Click'll make you fell good...everyone else is doing it...Matty wants you to do it.

*Give or take one bazillion dollars
**boilerdowd might or might not actually be a real person who fights somewhat like a four year old girl

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