Thanks for nothing, Mildcats.

I was kind of excited that a ranked Northwestern team would be hosting Purdue next week in Evanston. I thought, perhaps the 17-game streak versus ranked teams could end versus the over-rated Cats...Sadly, Northwestern predictably lost as soon as they faced a team with any nads...and proved what J said a few weeks ago- NU was the worst 5-0 Big Ten team ever...That's saying a lot; Purdue has been 5-0 quite a few times with teams that were simply hapless.

The good news is that Minnesota might be ranked since they have a bye week...they'll come into Ross-Ade 6-1 and will be favored as Purdue hosts them for homecoming. If (*read as "when") the losing streak continues v. Minnesota, Purdue's last chance to play a ranked opponent will come against MSU in East Lansing.

Let's all be real honest- All of Purdue's final six games are very winnable...Too bad only three will be victories for our Boilers...UNLESS SOMETHING CHANGES! Currently, our offense is a blend of horribly sad and hilarious. For those of you who love stats, dig this one- Purdue's offense scores an average of 4.5 points/game! Frickin' Great!

Here's how bad our Boilers currently are (the good news is it's a team effort):

-11th in scoring offense
-8th in pass offense
-11th in pass efficiency
-11th in rushing offense
-11th in red zone offense
-9th in time of possession
-11th in total offense
-11th in kickoff returns
-11th in punt returns
-11th in punting
-10th in field goals made
-11th in PAT kicking
-9th in turnover margin

Kudos to Wiggs...He hit a 53-yarder and nearly hit a 52-yarder...Sadly, this is what our offense has become. At least he looks angry at the ball when he kicks it.

Well-played, Tar Heels
UNC did as they were supposed to and beat a mediocre UND team on Saturday...Much like the other small, private school near Lake Michigan above, this Irish program is nothing more than a squad that can only beat lousy teams...Good news for the Manatee and co- They play a whole bunch of them this season! The question now is, will UND be ranked before they play at Chestnut Hill? Let's hope so.

Circling the Drain
I love to say, "I told you so, IU fan."

The Hoosiers join Maine and Fla. Int'l as the third team to allow 40-plus points by the vaunted Hawkeye offense. Way to go, Lynch! Clearly, the plan he followed at BSU of tearing down a program is well underway in Bloomington.

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