Blogger Awards Snub

Well, the 2007 College Football Blogger Award voting is underway and Boiled Sports was once again snubbed. After not winning "Best New Blog" last year (when we admittedly weren't even aware of such awards), we've continued our Susan Lucci-esque streak of always being a bridesmaid and never.....well... okay, we're not even nominated for anything, so I guess we're ushers and not bridesmaids. Or something. Either way, we don't look good in dresses. (Except for Tim, of course.)

What I kind of love about this is that over the years the three of us here and many of our friends have often bitched about Purdue not ever getting national respect from the media. Sometimes we're justified and sometimes we're just being whiners. But I think it's funny that the same kind of thing happens with a Purdue-related blog -- just like the sports programs at our alma mater, we're not significant enough to matter.

That's okay, though, because we have the, like, four of you who read this thing regularly to keep happy. And that's enough for us.

Seriously, though, there is this thing called the College Football Blogger Awards and it's run (loosely, anyway) but the gents at Every Day Should Be Saturday, mgoblog, Dawg Sports, Burnt Orange Nation, and Rocky Top Talk. They're all pretty awesome college football blogs. If, you know, you're into that sort of thing. The links to each one will show you the nominees for each award category. Would it have been easier to have everything in one place? Sure it would have. Do bloggers do anything the easy way? Usually not.

If nothing else, checking out the nominees should nab you another daily/weekly/whatever must-read because there are so many awesome sites out there. However, I'm of course sort of partial to our Big Ten brethren and so I encourage you to especially check them out. Several were nominated for "Best Big Ten Blog" (imagine that) and they are as follows:

Black Heart Gold Pants
Black Shoe Diaries
Eleven Warriors
Lake the Posts
The M Zone

My personal favorites out of that smaller sample are LTP and BHGP. Anyone who can consistently be stoked about NW football deserves a meaningless online award of some kind... and the guys at BHGP are dryly funny enough to consistenty confuse those less-intelligent among us into thinking they're dirty, dirty whores.

I think we could have competed in the Best Ongoing Feature category for either BSWRG or SBF, but none of you jackasses nominated us so I blame you.

So go vote for someone. Or don't.

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