Salma Sideboobs

Why all Salma today? Why not? I happened to have some pics of her and they're just too lovely not to share.

Do you realize Salma is going to be 42 in September? And that's if she's telling the truth and not like Miguel Tejada or something. She's also engaged to marry a rich Frenchie, so negative points there.

But boob-wise? All positive points.

The first one here is a screen grab that I'm not sure where I got... it's from the show she exec produces, Ugly Betty. I don't watch the show but I might have to start. Apparently, not only does Salma make cameos, she does so nearly topless.

The very definition of inside sideboobs. No other words necessary.

This is a caption contest candidate if ever there was one. I prefer, "Goodness, now where did I leave my top?"

Have a good weekend gentlemen and enjoy your NBA and NHL playoffs. Or your springtime weather. Or your wives sideboobs.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs on Fridays in this space. If you've got pictures of a 40+ year-old that's hotter than Salma, be sure to let us know at

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