The Day All Sports Blogs Should Be Off

Did you know that today is the deadest sports day of the year? I mean, sure, there is probably a day in February or something where there's not much going on but it's unlikely. I mean, today is the only day from the April through early October when there's no baseball at all (Monday technically had the Home Run Derby to blunt your frontal lobe watching). NHL, NBA and NFL are all not in season. It's a Wednesday, so there's no golf tournaments happening. Wimbeldon just ended, so no tennis. NASCAR is a weekend opportunity for low-IQ folks to put on their advertising billboard hats for Home Depot and Budweiser and cheer for, so no-go today. And college baseball is over, and naturally college football and basketball are far out of season. So today is quite possibly the quietest sports day of the year.

So I'm just putting up a picture of Allison Stokke, the hot high school pole vaulter whose father got mad at the press for spreading pictures of his hot daughter. Hey dude, have her take up something other than pole-vaulting, you know?

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