Who the hell is @hopefulDanny?

Ok, I'm tired of sitting in the dark. You want to know, I want to know, and certain athletes want to know - Who is hopefulDanny on Twitter?

Known for great comments such as

And that's just from today.

I've asked around the blog world and chatted with some informed individuals, but no one knows who's doing it. I've heard rumors that the account is actually pretty honest with how he talks and thinks - go talk to him on Game day or at the bridge walk and you'll agree. Even though the account has invited me to wash his F150 and visit him at Mollenkolf, I think we all know for a fact I'd be getting trolled big time.

So who do you think is doing it? My initial suspicions were that the author was a player, but I've had all my hunches confirmed wrong -  I am going to stop asking, because I don't want my Neck Snapped.

Edit: I felt like I wanted to clarify some things here.

Danny Hope is a player's coach. The players love him, the students love him as a person, but we all just want a win. I'll personally be sad if/when Coach gets ousted, because I think he brings a personal appeal to the team, which I really appreciate.

The entire supporting cast on the sideline needs a wake up call. I feel that Danny isn't the one that needs to go, but as the figure head, he'll walk the plank.

I really love this twitter account because it gives us a level of interaction with another smart Purdue Football supporter. Maybe it's not a great source of information like Boiled Sports, but damn, I get some great laughs.

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