How Long Does This Band-Aid Fix the Big 12?

Not that I particularly care what the Big 12 does, but whoring themselves out to Texas is probably not the best solution to all of this. However, what choice did Dan Beebe have? Texas wasn't blinking in the staredown and was supposedly really considering bolting for the Pac 10 and -- just as importantly -- taking half the conference with them.

So Beebe acquiesced and gave in to Texas' demands, which, basically are that the Longhorns continue to be the big dog of the conference and now have the right to have their own television network.

Yes, that's right. Not a Big 12 network -- a Texas Longhorns network. Sure, sure, the new deal engineered by the Big 12 and the University of Texas' leadership reaps money for the rest of the remaining Big 12, too, but Texas stands to make the most. Of course.

Consider this: One of the primary complaints by schools like our newest Big Ten member, Nebraska, was that Texas made things all about them. They had to be the biggest, the baddest and they wanted the Big 12 to bend at their whim. Ever since the SWAC/Big 8 days, Texas has been the bully and has minimized other programs within the conference. It was thought that Nebraska was not alone in feeling this way.

Now, with Colorado (somewhat meaningless) and Nebraska (somewhat meaningful) gone from the Big 12, isn't it reasonable to assume that other schools will eventually begin to feel the way they did...if they don't already?

How long does this honeymoon last? Yes, as points out, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Missouri, Baylor, Kansas State and Iowa State will see their TV revenues double under the new deal. But Texas, Oklahoma and A&M will make 50% more than that. And then Texas will launch a Longhorns TV network, or so it appears. AND Texas, Oklahoma and A&M will reportedly get the others' share of the buyout money that Nebraska and Colorado have to pay to the conference.

So yes, everyone will be happy for a little while. But it could be a short period. Once we get to December of next year and nobody is paying attention to the Big 12 anymore because they can't have a title game with fewer than 12 teams in their conference, won't some grumbling begin? Or will they all be too busy counting their money to notice?

My point is the same thing that's been wrong with the Big 12 for years continues to be wrong with it. It's just that they've bought off the "lesser" schools for a little while. But why the pyramid with Texas at the top? Why is that okay? Are the have-nots in the Big 12 that reliant on Texas? Could they not catch on elsewhere? Perhaps that's why, but it's hard to imagine some of those schools (such as Kansas) not being appealing to a conference like the Big Ten.

I think they'll have to annex a couple of schools and get back to 12 and regain the level of significance that they had. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense. Yes, they're all making more money now, which is all that matters to them, but with a title game back in the picture, they could..... make even more money!!

This stuff sucks. Get me to football season.

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