Slow-Motion Takeover of All NFL QB Positions By Boilers Underway

In former Boilermaker news, Kyle Orton got the nod to be the Chicago Bears starter today over his lukewarm competitior, Rex Grossman.

I'm happy for KO, although he was probably pretty happy just being a backup in the league. If he has another mediocre season, I think there's a chance he winds up cut by next year and not playing anywhere in the NFL.

However, I think he has some upside. No, he's not a championship caliber QB necessarily, but he's a big, drop-back passer and that works in the NFL. And all Orton's ever been asked to do for the Bears is not lose games. That is, the play-calling has always been ultra-conservative when he's in there since Lovie Smith always relies on his defense. I have a feeling if things were opened up for Kyle that he might actually surprise some people.

Who knows how long it will last, but for now, the Boilermakers are up to 2 out of 32 starting QBs in the league.

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