We Want Tacos!!!

In the first half as MSU was absolutely lambasting IU, the Izzone began chanting, "We want tacos!" This was a reference to their ticket which read that if the Spartans scored 70, each ticket holder would get one for free. Congrats, Sparty! You almost could have gotten tacos at the half, almost.

Now, how can I motivate the Nittany Lions...burger? How about the Wildcats...egg roll?

I don't know, but I'd love to see some more help. Problem is, there's still plenty of meat left on our Boilers' plate in the remaining games without worrying about anyone else.

For now, thanks Tom, Drew & Co...honestly, if I was an MSU fan, I'd be a bit pissed and now asking, "Where have we been the last few weeks?" At least you're playing well now.

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