YouTube Friday (CMigrator copy 1)

Hey, remember when I said we were gonna do YouTube Fridays? Yeah, that didn't continue. But today it does! And the crowd went wild.

First up, if you're going to report live from right in the action, well, be careful.

Next up, a quick comedy short from Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane. You have to wade through about 30 seconds of nonsense before the video I want you to watch starts, but it's worth it.

And to wrap it up, one of my favorite commercials of all time. I especially love the gratuitous shot of the otherwise unseen daughter's ass a few seconds into it. And the "oops" line.

Enjoy your weekends, all.

YouTube Friday is a new feature here at Boiled Sports and will run on Fridays in this space, except when I forget, have other things to do, or get too drunk on Thursday night. If you've got a suggestion for an awesome video or a theme for the week, share it with us at and we'll consider stealing your idea.

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