Joe's Genius

Yesterday, Tiller was asked why Justin Siller didn't play v. aOSU. He responded, "It just didn't fit what we were doing."

Well, here's what they were doing:
26 Rush
70 Yds.
2.7 yds/carry

Last year, we heard how important a second back was in a rotation...This year, we've seen a steady diet of draws and isos that don't utilize Sheets' speed ad nauseum with Sheets only getting brief breathers.

So now, Kory Sheets, who couldn't carry the ball more than 15-20 times/game doesn't need help at RB...and Joe honestly telling me that Siller, who according to Tiller himself will be an all-time great at Purdue, couldn't get 2.7 yds/carry last Saturday? Who am I to question...

Don't get me started about Halliburton and Dierking- both seem to be able to tackle awfully well during their downs on Special Teams, yet, during all of the shuffling and problems at LB, not a thought was given to moving Frank to LB? He played the position in high, he's languishing as the third or fourth option at RB...and at FB, he's not being used in favor of a defensive lineman (by the way, Tiller called both he and crank the best FBs during his career at Purdue during the '07 camp), who probably should have been a FB the whole time, since that was his natural position out of high school.

Some More Tiller-isms
On one hand, you have Joe Tiller who seems to be loyal-to-a-fault to his Senior quarterback...the same QB that's led the Purdue offense to less than a touchdown a game. Tiller has always favored giving guys that have earned playing time that which they deserve.

Well, coming into this season, one of Purdue's receivers had sat on the bench behind a 4-year starter and quietly done his job whenever asked to do so. He returned kicks, played special teams and played receiver when Bryant came out of the game. Furthermore, he did a great job capitalizing on the limited playing time as he had three touchdowns in limited action in '07.

This year in camp, Desmond Tardy, the player mentioned above had been placed as the number two slot receiver behind Keith Smith...Smith's size and athleticism, according to Tiller, earned him the #1 spot coming into '08...Where was Tiller's loyalty then?

OK, OK, maybe Smith was just a better player and Tiller's eagle eye for talent saw that Tardy just wouldn't be that productive. Well, after 6 games, Tardy leads the team in yds/gm and receiving touchdowns...and Tardy is the starter.

Tardy not only deserves to be starting according to the numbers, but also, according to Tiller's inconsistent Seniority system which comes and goes as Joe sees fit. There never should have been any doubt where Tardy should be.

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