More On/Moron Blount

There are those who are calling last night "disgusting" and for Blount to be bounced off the team and they're probably right. It's hard to fault a guy for being totally pissed -- especially when a goofy goon from the other team slaps you on the shoulder pad and probably says something inflammatory. However, if he'd done anything else besides punch him -- like, just getting in his face, etc. -- then we wouldn't be talking about this.

Instead, Lame Duck Blount jacks him and then backpedals away while hoping his teammates will "hold him back." SportsCenter even mentioned him "having to be restrained" by teammates. Watch the footage, though... he actually wants no part of fighting the Broncos linemen. After all, he was already minus-5 against them for the night. (rim shot)

For those who didn't stay up to watch, you also missed AD Belotti (former Coach Belotti) forgetting he's no longer the coach and actually coming down to the sideline to give some tips to Coach Kelly. Yeesh. Way to undermine your new young coach in front of a bunch of your recruits, Belotti.

Regular reader Gregg Z, who is married to a Duck (not a football player, though) and who used to live in Portland, describes what Oregon fans have become thusly:

"[Duck fans] possess the arrogance of Notre Dame boosters, with all the redneck characteristics of Iowa supporters-- quite the perfect storm."

Wow, next weekend should be fun.

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