The BS Bracket Challenge Extravaganza Contains Some Drama

Usually by now, things in most bracket challenges are wrapped up. Not so here. The leaderboard could look very different tomorrow. And regardless of what happens, Jaun Moore run 4 Kramer, our current leader, who is currently in the 99.9 percentile, will not win.

If Duke wins tonight, current second place entry, jmpurdue5117 1, will take the prize. Not sure how you feel about "winning" if it means Duke is the national champion, but I'm sure they'll take it.

However, if Butler wins one more, entry Andrew Mizener 1 will jump from 57th place to champ. Andrew only had one Final Four team correct but he's also the only one in the 338 entries to take Butler to win it all. Not sure what percentile that will put him in, but I bet it'll be damn near the top.

Whichever of you wins the BS challenge, send us a note tonight or tomorrow morning at to discuss claiming your prize.

Is this a bad sign?

Blue With Envy