The sweet, sweet taste of defeat.

It makes me feel better now that Notre Dame has been blown out again in a bowl game. Yes, Purdue is el sucko, but it's somehow more tolerable knowing that the greatest football coach in the world still cannot lead the greatest college football team ever to a bowl victory.

I love you Fat Tuna! Brady Quinn, you're my hero! Surely the referees were against you last night. What else could possibly explain how you didn't win that game? Nothing! You're obviously the most talented team in the world. You would win the Super Bowl without even having to show up... so why does God seek to put you in the bowl desert for 9 years? Oh Notre Dame, why art though forsaken?

I'll tell you why. You're just not good. You have a few talented players, but in general you're over-hyped and over-rated. You have a fat TV contract that makes the media practically fall over themselves talking about how great you are. You're not great. You're mediocre. You'll never be dominant. You may win a championship again, but you won't be a big power anymore. The faster you get used to it the more happy you will be.

Allow Me To Pile On to Fat Charlie

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