He's still the boss...

Tony Dungy announced he has decided to stay HC of the Colts for at least one more season. I'm glad to see he's staying and really glad that he didn't delay in announcing his decision. At the gym I go to, it seems like at least one of the local TV stations was constantly showing loops of Dungy...and since I didn't have audio, I kept wondering if there was any news on the matter.

I liked the idea of Caldwell or Meeks taking over for Dungy, I like even better the idea of both of these assistants coming back under Dungy for at least one more campaign. I'd like to see Dungy taken out of the Oil Can next season on the players' soldiers after beating Belichick one last time...regardless if that game is the first or the last game, Dungy should then retire.

Atta boy, Nick

Ex-Boiler, Nick Hardwick gave an expletive-filled tirade describing his direct opponent Richard Seymour last night following the game. This rant proves two things:

First, all of the Chargers run their mouths all of the time.

Second, yet another Patriot is a punk just like his coach. Is anyone surprised that an off-field cheating coach would have an onfield cheating player? We already knew that there was at least one off-field cheating player.

Eddie Murphy knows. He knows!

Glad Tony's staying