How do you define beatdown?

Is a 30 point defeat considered a beatdown? I suppose on an individual level it is. In the bigger scheme though, a single victory doesn't much matter. The Cavs need to stay in the Wizards heads and pull off the sweep. Going into the end of the season, the Cavs had no momentum. Now that they've put together a squeaker and a blowout, maybe they can continue this throughout the playoffs. The problem is waiting in Boston though. I truly believe that should the Cavs get past the Wizards, that they'd have no problems with the Pistons. The problem for them is that the Pistons aren't next in line. Like it or not, the east goes through Boston.

On a side note, apparently LeBron is just a bit taller than DeShawn "My hand tastes good" Stevenson. You'd think DeShawn would've learned his yapping lesson, but no. When he cut the Cavs lead last night from 19 to 16 he licked his hand... Um. I don't think you should showboat when you're down by 16. Just a thought.

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