Just Watched the Tape...(& Purdue Moves Up)

Here's what I saw- First off, UND is going to be very good in the next two years, in my opinion. Many Sophomores & Freshman were making plays, especially in the skilled positions. That said, I don't know if it will be enough for them to catch up with the Boilers next year...But Purdue has still only won in South Bend once in the past thirty years; that has to be taken into account. It should be a battle of two highly-ranked teams next September.

I don't think I was quite fair with my assessment that Painter played one of his worst games in his last 10 games or so. He was just so streaky; part of the time he looked accurate and made good decisions, but he also missed Sheets, Bryant & Orton for scores that would have ended the game. He wasn't being pressured either, he just got "yippee". The two interceptions were pretty awful though.

Clausen looks like he was hurt pretty badly and Anthony Heygood didn't help matters at all by hitting Pickles as if he had stolen his lunch money. I think that nagging hip injury might keep him off the field. But honestly, he was not as good as Sharpley...If Weis made a deal with Lil' Jimmy, he might have to go back on his word...not that it matters to the Manatee as he already did so for one quarterback this year.

While the Irish wideouts mades some eye-popping catches in the second half, I can't help but thinking that more pressure on the quarterbacks wouldn't have changed their abilities to go through their progressions. The DBs weren't the problem at all as they were pretty much in the back pocket of the receivers on most of those catches.

I really believe that this Purdue team is suffering from lack of motivation. many of the players looked as if they had just awakened from naps during the third quarter. So, once again, that is a coaching issue. Tiller, Spack & Legg are all guilty of not having the team ready to play in the third quarter.

I had a chance to watch both the highlights on Sports Center and Game Day Final- from those highlights, you'd think Notre Dame won the stinking game. Also, Erin Andrews went and talked to Tuna Helper at the half instead of the coach that had his team up by more than three touchdowns. I think both are simply a product of the fact that ESPN wants to make sweet love to the golden dome. I care little. Hopefully, tOSU cares as little about Purdue next week as did ESPN's producers yesterday.

Rankings (not that it matters at this point)
Purdue has crept up the polls landing at #20 in the Coaches Poll, #23, according to the media and holding steady at #23 in the Sagarin Grid. tOSU (the Boilers' next opponent) is #4 in both polls and #3 in the Sagarin.

Purdue is the lowest-ranked team without a loss...probably accurate, in my opinion as our Boilers have yet to play any worthy competition.

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