Signing Day: A Closer Look at Teenage Boys

Allen is one of the jewels of the '10 class

While I'm nowhere near the expert on the topic of young men that J is, I'm still a big fan of 18 and 19 year old athletes. So, today is a very special day in the halls of the BS world headquarters. Both J and I are walking with a hop in our step and you can see the twinkle in our eyes...It's Signing Day.

In previous years, a few athletes have gotten away and never made it to God's country to pursue higher education...Not so in '10. The class is a good stepping stone, in my opinion, to Hope's goal of a continued effort for Purdue to land more-athletic, and faster players at each position.

Here are some of the players that I'm excited to see on campus:

Bruce Gaston
6'2" 290 (+++) DT
Gaston, Melton, McDaniel, Short and Mondek in a season or so might be the most-formidable group of run-stopping DTs we've seen in WL ever. The depth at the position is might lead to one of these guys heading to offense, but it won't be Gaston. I'm stoked Bruce made it to Purdue as I thought the Williams departure might push Gaston another direction.

O.J. Ross
5'10" 175 WR
If you've seen Ross' hightlight films, you see he wears #9...but don't compare Ross to Dorien Bryant. Sure, they might both be speed merchants on the shorter end of the WR height spectrum, but I don't see him as a DB clone. First, I think he'll put on some muscle a la Steve Smith. Second, he runs behind his pads a bit more and can shed a tackle a bit better than Bryant. Lastly, he seems to catch the ball well with his hands rather than relying heavily on his body to make grabs.

Ricardo Allen

5'9" 170 CB
Like his two Mainland counterparts, Allen has speed for days. These three are all Boilers because of the impact the aOSU game had on them and their collective recruiting visit.

He had offers from nearly everybody and might be able to make an impact right away. With the depleted defensive backfield in '10, look for Allen to make the field very early...he almost has to.

Sean Robinson
6'5" 205 QB
If you've read anything about this guy, you know he's a competitor...and a winner. I don't think he cares at all that Robert Marve, Justin Siller, Rob Henry and Caleb TerBush are all vying for the same job, he just wants his shot. Don't rule out seeing Robinson in the two-deeps this fall. He can throw a lot of different balls, has great size and he has the ability to run it.

Plus, he verballed a long time ago and never wavered in spite of a crap ton of good offers...Gotta like that.

Ryan Isaac
6'4" 255 DE
Unlike the other four, he's not heralded...but I like this guy. He's got good size, decent speed and plays like the quarterback talked bad about his Grandma. You might not see him on the field in '10, but I think you'll see him after a redshirt year...and like Jack Deboef, watch out when he fills shouldn't take too long.

These are but five players in this year's class...something with which you can whet your appetite. From Lucas to Torwudzu to Gilliam and beyond...there's lots to be excited for...Congrats to Hope and Co...and congrats to the Purdue football fanbase. This is a solid class.

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