Team USA Got Rooked

If you didn't see it, this photo -- while good -- still doesn't do it justice. The level of egregious screw-up is hard to define, but I'll try. The USA came back from an 0-2 hole (which, in soccer, is pretty damn impressive) and then pressed for the equalizer. On a free kick, the US set up for the attack and ultimately scored, despite at least two blatant fouls by Slovenia. In the photo above, you can see USA's Bradley being wrapped up in a bear hug -- he was then called offsides. Those aren't his arms -- those are the arms of the Slovenian behind him.

Despite horrendous cheating, the USA still managed to score. But since cheating wasn't enough, the official called the US offsides (players cannot be behind the opposing defense without the ball), which they clearly were not to the naked eye....and the replay easily confirmed that.

John Harkes, calling the game, said "That should have either been a USA goal or a foul on Slovenia." Neither happened, of course.

Alexei Lalas, back on the ESPN set, said "We don't want to dwell on it, but that was a disgrace."

I know the rest of the world wants to see the US lose -- especially at soccer. But this is ridiculous.

Hopefully the inspired comeback and motivated play will carry over to their final group game against Algeria, who they must beat.

[UPDATE: Just read that the official would not elaborate on what the call was, only to say that it was not offsides. Well, yeah, we all know it wasn't offsides, jackhole.]

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