And the hits just keep on coming...

First off, thanks to our pal, Travis over at Off The Tracks for bringing this to our attention.

Purdue's head coach continues his hypocritical talk this week in the Lafayette J & C. For years, Creampuff Joe has been telling us how he doesn't read the internet, doesn't pay attention to any of that, and that all people in the blogosphere and on message boards are "Knuckleheads" who "need to get a life."

Now, he suddenly seems to read, if not take note of us, but only because of our lack of IQ.

You know, Coach Tiller considers himself a bit of a savant, when it comes to psychology...he was a psych major, by the way. He understands the inner workings of the human mind...he knows what makes athletes, and on a greater scale, people tick.

Clearly then, he understands that the best way to rally the fanbase (mostly alums, mind you), is to question their intelligence. Honestly, I'm surprised that people like me, with my low IQ could even understand Joe's big words and bigger concepts that he's been peddling during his tenure at my alma mater.

Joe, since I'm sure you have BS as your homepage on your Tandy 2000, but your damned dial-up connection doesn't let you view all of the rich graphic content of our humble site, I won't include any pictures in this post. Instead, I will keep this simple- You need to spend more time game-planning and motivating the young men who came to Purdue to play under you and less time questioning the IQ of the people who buy tickets and give money to your athletic department...It's just good business at this point. Your legacy is hanging by threads as thin and course as the hairs on your upper lip- Go out and win some games and let everything else fall where it may...And if you really want to really WOW us, how about working in a victory or two over a team with a winning record. That'd be great.

Our fearless leader closes the article by saying the buck starts and ends with one guy- he's right.

Just as Cowboy Joe was once a great leader and motivator of men, he's now made sure that his players understand that they just aren't going to beat every team they play...and gosh darnit, that's OK. And I'll be damned if the team doesn't reflect the very attitude of their coach.

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