Eric Gordon Piles On His Alma Mater

As though IU hoops hadn't been battered enough, Eric Gordon decided it was the perfect time to tell the world about the rampant drug use on the team during its 2007-2008 season, which saw Coach Sanctions bounced and the program seriously damaged.

Gordon said Sampson "tried to stop it," but the coach "was just so focused on basketball and winning and everything."

Yes, indeed. Very focused, he was.

What's nice about this for the Indiana athletic department and their fans is that they have the forever built-in excuse for any and all things that went wrong last year -- it's all Kelvin Sampson's fault. It won't be long before the poor viewing angles at Ass Hall are being blamed on Kelvin Sampson's shortcomings as an engineer.

Still, this isn't something to take lightly. I realize all the players are gone from last year, but a culture is a culture and let's just hope for the well-being of the young guys playing ball there that Coach Crean is aware of all this and is taking steps to not allow it an inch back in the door.

I'm sure Terry Hutchens will have very measured, reasonable thoughts about all of this.

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