Mackey Ticket Update

The Mackey reallocation process is now complete, as per the University.

Morgan Burke spoke about the news:

"First and foremost, I want to thank our loyal John Purdue Club members for bearing with us during the last two months," athletics director Morgan Burke said. "My pledge to you in April was that we would be ready and willing to assist, and I hope everyone who went through the process found the tools manageable and our staff accommodating. At the same time, we recognize there is disappointment by some individuals who had to move out of seats they held for many years."

"Of course," he did not add, "as I also reminded you in the spring, if more of you cheap jerks gave us your money there wouldn't be a risk of Matt Painter leaving. Take your new seats and like 'em."

On a more useful note, remaining upper level tickets will go on sale to the general public tomorrow and you can get them by calling the ticket office or ordering them online. The price is $394 for a season ticket, plus $100 labeled as a "Legacy Fund donation." Yeah, so about $500 clams gets you a season ticket. Still seems like a good deal to me.

Also, some of those high-roller courtside seats remain available to JPC members at the "All-American" level and above. Not sure how many readers we have in that category, but if we do, have at 'em and don't worry about any waste -- we'll be glad to take any games you can't use off your hands.

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