SBF -- Happy Finals Week

The limited return run of SBF will go back on hiatus shortly and so we hope you've enjoyed the past few weeks and that it has made these non-football-or-basketball days go by a little faster. Spring has sprung, the school year is wrapping up and you're all becoming men in your own ways.

Soon your days will be filled with campfire stories, 4H fairgrounds, water balloon fights, co-ed dances at band camp and other such shenanigans. Oh, you crazy kids.

For those of you who ARE wrapping up Finals and heading home for the summer, be well (and safe) and don't forget to pop in and say hi to your dirty uncles at BS now and then. But even if you don't, we'll be here waiting for you in the fall, as football approaches and you settle back into your lecture hall seat and fire up the laptop to find something -- anything -- else to listen to besides that Psych 120 lecture.

And to send you off all hot and bothered, here are some gals to say hello....

Another random -- maybe this was a reader submission. The odd thing is that it doesn't look like most SBF pics -- it looks like a regular, silly college pic (note the hand in her cleav). So if this is your sister or girlfriend, hey, sorry. Only not really. Those should be shared with everyone.

These ladies are ready for one you strapping young lads to meet them in the park for some wholesome summertime activities. Like Euchre.

Holy sweet moly! Thank goodness these are recent models as they both have airbags and thus no one was injured in this collision. Somebody get out and get their numbers, though, just in case.

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