A Disgusting Excuse For A Human

That's what Michael Vick is to me. I mean, you know, if this dogfighting stuff turns out to be true.

We have to caveat our hatred for the man with that statement that this all only applied if he turns out to be guilty of the various dogfighting and animal cruelty crimes he was indicted on yesterday.

But even before this, Ron Mexico was a dirty punk. This is a guy who knowingly had unprotected sex with a woman while he was infected with genital herpes, spreading it to her and bringing another lawsuit upon himself.

This is a guy who flipped off his home fans (pictured) after a loss to the Saints last November.

This is a guy who had something sketchy enough in his water bottle that he didn't want to give it up when he was traveling through Miami's airport. It appeared there was weed stashed in it but the police eventually said there was nothing wrong with the bottle. Vick claimed the bottle's "secret compartment" was where he stashed jewelry which was why he was reluctant to give it up. Right, Mike.

When the Virginia Tech shootings occurred, do you know how much Michael Vick -- perhaps the most visible alum of the school -- donated? $10,000, according to Wikipedia. Michael Vick is in the midst of a ten year, $130 million deal and his signing bonus in 2004 was $37 million.

And now here we are with the dogfighting, something so disgusting and reprehensible that it takes pretty sick people to even watch it, let alone do the things that Vick has been accused of. Just from what was being reported last night, Vick and/or his close associates did the following to poor-performing dogs:

- electrocuted them
- drowned them
- hung them
- slammed them to the ground until death

This is so indescribably sick that it's hard to even think about. He's a sick, sick bastard to be able to be this cruel to animals. I'm the first one to make fun of animal rights activists but this just makes my stomach turn.

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