Maybe Herbie Will Do This Again

I love how Joe Theismann won't make predictions on games he's going to be calling and how Kirk Herbstreit also does that sort of thing when a huge OSU game is coming up and he's doing College GameDay.

Herbstreit, who has been pointed out as getting more and more arrogant recently, always plays it buttoned-up and "professional" when he's next to professional clown Lee Corso yet during the 2002 National Title Game, Kirk and Eddie George made quite the cute couple in this picture. I mean, Kirk is literally jumping for joy as OSU pulls off the upset of Miami.

Now, don't get me wrong -- I was pulling for OSU to take down that criminal-ridden University, too (of course, we learned a lot about OSU's off-the-field activities after that). But Kirk almost makes me want to root against them.

Anyway, tonight is the National Championship game on Fox, of all places. I haven't spoken directly to my colleagues here but I would venture to guess that none of us give Florida a chance in this game. I mean, sure, everybody's got a chance -- and with almost two months off, anything can happen -- but how good could Florida be? They'd have to be pretty damn good to beat OSU.

Besides, Florida has had more time to prepare for OSU... or, wait....less time? Hmm, maybe Barry Alvarez can help clear this up:

Gee, that doesn't clear up anything at all. Even Barry sounds confused as he says it. Florida has an advantage because they had less time to prepare? Or their extra games gave them... more "preparation"? I don't get it.

Either way, OSU wins.

Who knew? Gators eat nuts.

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