USA Overcomes Opponents, Refs, To Win Group C

Let me be the first to say, suck it, rest of the world. We know you don't like us and we know you don't think we're a worthy soccer nation, but I speak of many of us who played soccer for a long time and who actually enjoy international soccer when I say, bite me.

The USA men's team is undefeated (and was almost out of the tourney despite being undefeated) and not only defeated Algeria on an extra time goal, but also overcame two incorrectly disallowed goals in three games. Several incorrect out-of-bounds calls (a late one today that would have resulted in a corner kick for the US), an incorrect handball call on Jozy today, etc., etc. I am not normally one of those people who points to referee calls because I think in sports it usually evens out.

That said, I do not think that about the World Cup this year. The US is widely disliked and, as I have said, thought of as a lesser soccer nation. And the referees displayed ridiculous contempt for the US by trying to screw them over and, in one case, refusing to explain a call that cost the United States a win. Incredible. And inexcusable. Well, again, suck it, and yes, call us arrogant, call us obnoxious, whatever. I don't care. None of us do.

The USA just won their group -- which contained England, among the snootiest d-bags out there -- and moves on.

And good for Landon Donovan. Guy has given a lot to USA soccer and has had his named cursed in many countries for not being up to their standards.
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