2010 Class Grows

The handsome young lad you see to the left here is Josh Davis, an Ohio native who recently learned that you're allowed to leave Ohio. Upon learning this vital information, he immediately made plans to escape at the end of high school.

"I had no idea I had the option to leave," Davis said on Tuesday. "But Coach Hope laid out the rules and made it clear that despite what I've always been told by pasty, fat white people wearing Ohio State sweatshirts, it's actually acceptable -- even encouraged sometimes -- for kids who grow up here to play football elsewhere."

"It's opened up a whole new world to me," the 6'6" 270 pounder continued. "I always thought the NFL consisted of just the Browns and Bengals. Evidently, there's another team over in Indiana, too."

The defensive tackle -- Danny Hope's sixth commit to the class of 2010 -- runs only a 5.5 forty-yard-dash, so it will likely take him a while to exit the heart of it all.

Welcome, Josh.

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