A Brief History of New York Versus Boston

So it's the New York Giants versus the New England Patriots for all the marbles next Sunday evening. Boston and New York again.... oh, how wonderful. I recently moved away from the New York area and got an email after the Giants won from a friend of mine who lives in Manhattan and it said, "Bummed you won't be here over the next two weeks to help create anti-Boston propaganda with me." Because the thing is, if you're from the NY/NJ area and particularly if you're a sports fan from there, you just cannot stand Boston.

And it's not just New York and Boston. It's truly New England and the NYC Metro Area. We don't like them, they don't like us. And that's fine with everybody. So why not do a brief history of this hatred and just how those of us here at Boiled Sports fit in? I have no answer as to why not and since nobody here can edit me, away we go...

1920 - Fat-ass Babe Ruth is sold to the Yankees in the first documented case of the Yankees "buying" a championship. Red Sox fans get to see "Bye Bye Birdie" or whatever play the Sox owner wanted to finance. Yankees commence winning World Series titles as the Sox sit home, masturbating and instilling hate in their offspring. This trend continues for 80+ years.

1975 - Red Sox lose World Series to Cinci in seven games. Game Six was the famous game when Carlton Fisk "waves" his home run fair and Boston wins the game. Bostonians will live in this moment for many years, conveniently overlooking the fact that they still lost the series.

1978 - Red Sox blow 14-game AL East lead and let Yankees catch them. One game playoff commences and Yanks win. Credit is forever given -- inexplicably -- to Bucky Dent's seventh-inning home run, even though Reggie Jackson actually hit the game-winner in the eighth.

Thanks for the ride A-Train

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