Black and Gold Propaganda: BTN's Ten Reasons To Be Excited for Purdue Football

When I say propaganda, you probably have a negative connotation with that. I don't necessarily mean it to be negative -- really, propaganda is just framing the argument in a way that favors your side. The BTN's Tom Dienhart has kindly created a ten reasons to be excited about Purdue football post for your enjoyment, which you can read here.

I'll admit, this kind of talk and the excitement I've heard from fans continues to suck me back in. This happens every year -- as football approaches, the halls of the BS offices come alive, Boilerdowd has a twinkle in his eye and I think we all get an extra hop in our steps. Or maybe that's just us liking skipping.

Some highlights from Dienhart's post:

  • Purdue returns 15 starters in 2012, the most of any team in the Big Ten. Some stats don't matter at all, but I think experience is important. These guys are on a high right now from a decent finish to a "step forward" season.
  • The defense, with Short, Russell, Gaston, Allen, Johnson, etc., should truly be a strength. Tibesar could become a hero in West Lafayette if it rounds into shape and actually becomes a weapon.
  • Ricardo Allen. This is a big season for Allen, in my opinion. He's been trumpeted as among the best CBs in the nation for a while now, yet we saw some things that concerned us in his first two seasons in black and gold. That said, they were just his first two seasons as a freshman and sophomore. This is the year where he really should be expected to become the force he has been said to potentially be.
  • Raheem Mostert. We love Mostert and were calling for him to play more last year. The guy is exciting on the field and good things just seem to happen when he has the ball. Here's hoping the coaches open things up a bit and give Mostert as big a role as he can fill.
  • QB Situation. This will be the fulcrum on which the 2012 season hinges. Dienhart points to the three QBs with serious experience as a plus, which in some situations I think we would agree it is. The question here is whether the situation Purdue's coaching staff turns this into will be advantageous and lead to winning. We, among many, have our doubts about that. But as we often say when we're feeling negatively about something, we would love to be wrong. 

What do you think of Dienhart's list? Does it amp you up even more? Are you believing now? Does it feel like the pieces actually might be falling into place for Purdue to contend in the Leaders division?

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