Handome Hour Season 2 Finale - TONIGHT

It's Handsome Time, tonight at 10 PM Eastern.

Join us, as BS Bracket Extravaganza winner Jonathan steps forward to receive his prize: talking live with us. (Hmm...yeah, not sure if that's a prize or not.)

Regardless, we'll be talking with Jonathan at the start of the show for about 15 minutes and then we'll open the phone lines (347-945-5560). Please feel free to give a shout as we'll be wrapping up basketball season and maybe talking a little about football again.

Also, exciting news: Boilerdowd may join us tonight! Wheee!

I kid, I kid. But seriously, it'll be good times. And also your last fix of our handsome voices for a while, as this will mark the Season Two finale.

So come and get your FDA-recommended dosage of BS.

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