I Guess It's Good That Hoosiers Can At Least Read

I loved this account of the trip to Bloomington posted by our Twitter-verse friend Sara, where she shares the rather hilarious (and yet sad) account of how few IU students seem to actually know their school's fight song:

The band played Indiana’s fight song every now and then, and I noticed that they really only knew certain words–mostly the ones that mentioned “Indiana.” Well...the words to their own fight song were put on the jumbo screens and, surprise — everyone was singing. I was almost in tears I was laughing so hard.

I'm sure someone on an unread IU site would take issue with this account, but it's rather hard to refute if there are witnesses.

Maybe they should put their own school's fight song into their pregame notes for the students. You know, instead of the nonsense they currently put in there.

Good Guy Super Bowl

See you in Mackey, Forehead.