Matty's 2013 Harvest

Today is signing day for the class of 2013...and we're looking forward to seeing this group on campus. This year's Freshman class is impactful simply because Painter's search for size and a PG came to fruition within it...but next season, there are some guys that seem to be more out of the mold of what we've come to expect from Matty as a recruiter.

This class of three doesn't have the collective chip on their shoulder that the class of '12 seems to embody, but one guy's mentality should make Purdue fans happy right away.

Point guard, Bryson Scott is one of the best defenders in the nation, according to if you see him play, you'll quickly understand why he has that reputation.  Physically, he's pretty solid, but mentally, he sets himself apart.  Scott seems to love contact, especially on defense and doesn't back down from anyone.  He has quick hands and doesn't take plays off...on offense, his stop and pop help create space and his athleticism is often overlooked because his tenacity and scrappiness is more of the story.

If you're looking for a former Boiler to compare him with, I'd look at Chris Kramer. Kramer is a few inches taller, but as a Freshman, was built similarly to Scott.  And, I believe, Painter will have a very hard time keeping him off the court, like Kramer, because of his bulldog mentality.
Everett Stephens is #21(on the right)
The second guard in the class is the son of one of the most-renowned three-man Senior classes in the last 30 years.  Kendall Stephens is Everett's son...Everett was one of the members of the Three Amigos; Gene Keady's prized class from 1988...but Kendall's play reminds me more of Troy Lewis' than his Dad's.
This Kid can Play

Stephens is a dead-eye shooter with the length and quick release that allows him to shoot over defenders.  He is a decent ball-handler, but will earn his schollie from distance.  If you're not old enough to remember Troy Lewis, think David Teague.

Sadly, Stephens tore his labrum in his shooting shoulder...and it looks like he'll be out for his Senior season...he should be at 100% by the time he arrives in God's country though.

The last member of the class is the guy who sometimes gets forgotten by recruiting mags, Basil Smotherman.  He's the son of a coach, which is never a bad thing, but along with his ability to understand the game, he's a very smooth athlete.  He's a long 6'6" player...listed at 6'7" in some sources who is a left hander that can do it all.
Bas is ill.

He's a solid rebounder, but not a banger.  Once he's cleaned the glass, he can bring the ball up the court and has great vision so he can easily find a slasher...should be nice for TJohn and Raphael Davis.  If I were to compare him to a Boiler in the last few seasons, it'd be Hummel (as a Frosh), but with a bit more quickness. His versatility is the thing that draws me to that comparison more than anything...and he might grow another inch or two in college, so he could end his career at Purdue at a similar height to Rob.

I'm glad these guys are Boilermakers...welcome, fellas.

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