Norman Dale Speaks to the Boilermakers

Coach Matt Painter, in a motivational ploy, asked Coach Norman Dale of the 1951 Indiana State Champion Hickory Huskers to come speak to the team in advance of their Sweet 16 appearance against UConn.

Coach Dale: I think you'll find that the baskets and dimensions here in Glendale match those at our gym back in West Lafayhickory exactly.

Team: *bewildered*

Coach Dale: How many times are we going to pass the ball before we shoot?

Lewis Jackson: Two?

Coach Dale: How many?

Chris Kramer: Every time I ever touch the ball, ever?

Coach Dale: How many?

Coach Painter: Haven't you guys seen Hoosiers? Just say "FOUR!"

Coach Dale: How many?

Team: FOUR!!

Coach Dale: Kramer, son, you're guarding #12. Imagine he's bubble gum -- by the end of the game, I want to know what flavor he is!

Chris Kramer: That's kind of weird, coach.

Coach Dale: FOUR!

Coach Dale: You guys remember what we worked on in practice? I want to see it on the floor!

Robbie Hummel: Who ARE you?

Coach Dale: Listen, Jimmy, I don't care whether you play or not.

Robbie Hummel: I'm Robbie. And I have a fracture in my back, you dick.

Coach Dale: That's it! You're gone!

Robbie Hummel: You can't kick me out, Coach.

Coach Dale: I can win with just six players!

Coach Painter: Coach, you can't kick Robbie off the team. That's not your call.

Coach Dale: My team's on the floor!

Coach Painter: We're not even playing a game right now. We're in the hotel. Wait, who the hell is that guy?

Shooter: Let's run the old picket fence at 'em!

JaJuan Johnson: The what?

Shooter: Don't get caught watching the paint dry!

LewJack: What are you talking about, honkey?

Shooter: I got a suit back there! I was married in that suit! I got a wing dinger!

Coach Dale: My team's on the floor!

Coach Painter: Maybe this was a mistake.

Gonna Fight 'Til We Can't Fight No More.

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