Shhhh...Championship being built.

Don't be at all surprised to see the KG of '08 re-emerge in '10

Tonight, EsPN has been showing the preview for various Midnight Madness activities...Duke had their slimy pal Jay Williams slithering around the young Blue Devils in a suit borrowed from John Gotti...and speaking of gangstas, UK's deal with the devil kicked off officially with laser lights and a U2 concert-like stage as their well-paid blue chips prepare for Coach Cal's third Final Four to be stripped NCAA. The final team the crappy cheating-program-loving network focused on was UConn.

But, due to the Mackey re-vamp, Painter and co. quietly started their pursuit for Indianapolis in Mackey to an audience of none. Last year, this team was not ready for high expectations...and showed it early in the season at Mackey. "I'm expecting a Big Ten Championship and a Final Four...those are our team goals." Said JJ after the practice. The bigger, stronger Boilers seem physically and mentally ready to play...and managed expectations are no where to be found.

Can't wait- the exhibition games begin in 18 days.

It's about time

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