Fast forward exactly one year from now...

Make your predictions in the comment section:

-What seed will Purdue be in the B1G tourney?
-Who's the starting five?
-National ranking (if any)?
-What else has changed in the conference?

2014 B1G Tourney seeding:
#1 MSU
#2 UM
#3 aOSU
#4 Purdue
#5 IU
#6 Wisconsin

Purdue national ranking: #19

Purdue starting 5:

1 RonJohn
2 TJohn
3 RayDay
4 Hale
5 Hammons

Sixth man: Simpson

Purdue forecasted as 4 or 5 in NCAA tourney

-After losing a heartbreaker to Steve Alford's New Mexico team in the round of 16, IU's Olidipo decides to leave for the NBA...Zeller stays. Tom Crean blames Alford for ruining the conference (for leaving Iowa) and ruining IU's program (for not coaching there) following the game.

-Trey Burke's flirtation with the NBA in '12 becomes much more serious in '13 as he heads to the NBA...the rest of UM's team stays in spite of tourney run to the elite 8.

-Tubby Smith fired from Minnesota after Minnesota misses the NCAA tournament. In an effort to get back to dirty basketball, Minny hires Ben Howland after he's fired by UCLA.

-Illinois' second season in Champaign starts slowly after Illini lose large Senior class...Makes 2014 NCAA tourney.

-aOSU's Deshaun Thomas leaves aOSU after Buckeyes lose in the round of 32 to VCU.

(since I can't see the future, some of this is tongue-in-cheek...other parts are my best guess; you can decide which parts are serious)

Debacle in Chicago Puts a Stake in the Heart of the '12-'13 Season

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