It looks like Indiana is finally going to get some heat that will feel a bit like normal for this time of year...and fittingly, camp will start the same day for our Boilers.

I'm fiendin'

I'm sure the players and coaches alike are happy to hear that as they begin busting their humps and working together to become a team, they won't have any of those 80-degree and low humidity days. It'll be around 90 tomorrow and humid with heavy skies that might bring storms that could force practice into Mollenkopf. But, if the players feel like I feel right about now, it wouldn't matter if they were practicing in Mackey at this point, it's just time for football.

There are a few times of the sports year which I anticipate like a child awaiting a fat man in a red velvet suit...But, the beginning of August is one of those times.

Baseball won't get interesting for me for a month or so...and even Indy Car racing hasn't been up to par for many races this season. Granted, I always have the WNBA to fill my evenings and even my dreams.

But, I can't wait for football...and ladies and gentlemen, the desert time is almost over!!

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