Tune In For the Exciting Season Finale of The Handsome Hour

It's Finals Week at Purdue and you just know you want to take a study break to listen to the season finale of the Handsome Hour.

I remember being at Purdue and finding absolutely any reason to take a "study break."

Someone wants to go to the grill? Awesome, let's go.

There's a meaningless bowl game on between teams I don't care about? Yes!

My roommate rented Six Days, Seven Nights and is watching it in the living room? I'm there. (Seriously, I did this instead of working on a final paper once, then did the paper overnight. Smart.)

And then there's the "studying" you do when you make plans with the hot chick in your Latin American History class to meet at her apartment to "go over your notes." I did this as well. Of course, we wound up.... going over our notes and actually studying. The Penthouse letters never go like that.

Anyway, Wednesday night, 12/16, at 10 PM Eastern is the exciting season finale of the Handsome Hour. Please join us, won't you? We'll be streaming live online and then, as per usual, you'll be able to download the recorded version so you can listen on your travels home for the break (or, if you're out of college, to tune out your family during those visits with in-laws).

Who's your vote?

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