Best Behavior Boobies

On a whim a week or two ago, I reached out to Purdue's athletic department and asked them if they'd be willing to let us interview in one way or another members of the football program. Coaches, players, towel boys, interns, scoreboard operators... it didn't matter. I just said we're a Purdue-centric sports site and we'd love to get a few words with anyone they'd be willing to connect us with.

The response I got from assistant AD Tom Schott was "Yes, I am aware of your site."


Tom went on to say he would look into how they could work with us and that he wanted to check the site out again.


Well, Tom, we'll do our best to be on good behavior. Let me just point out that SBF never features nudity and we do our best to keep our potty mouths clean here. So, readers of BS, tuck in your shirts, use your napkins and don't belch at the table.

And let's look at sideboobs.

First up this week is Ms. Hayden Panettiere, she of the ridiciulous show Heros. In this outfit, I suppose she's my hero, though. (Kudos to BDD of KSK for directing everyone to these pics.)

Busted Coverage noticed that Sam Keller -- the cocky, arrogant, and not-that-talented QB of the disfunctional Callahan-led Nebraska Cornhuskers, and previously the arrogant QB for the Arizona State team that beat the Boilers in one of the 43 Sun Bowls we played in -- has a really hot girlfriend. Well, of course he does... he's a cocky, obnoxious douchebag who plays quarterback. They always get hot chicks.

Here's one I found all on my own... it's one I don't see bandied about among the many, many pictures of Erin Andrews out there. Basically, if you think she looks good now, well, holy moly... I can only assume this is from her college days. And...yowsa. The downturned pouty mouth adds something, don't you think?

Have a good weekend, go outside instead of watching the NFL Draft and, as always, Boiler Up.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs on Fridays in this space. If you're interested in sharing photos or suggestions, or if you work for Purdue's athletic department and want to give us a report cards, you can do any of this at

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