Good Use for Twitter finally found...

I've had Twitter as an application on my phone for about two months...but all I had found that was useful about it was that J, Tim and I could shoot one-liners back and fourth at eachother. Granted, we could do that via text message or e-mail...but this way, we could be more-public with our degradation of one-another; a definite positive.

But yesterday, my wife, son and I were at my in-laws house for Mom's Day and I couldn't find an efficient way to keep up with qualifications at IMS...until IndyTalk on Twitter was discovered. Via this Twitter ticker, I got every update from speeds to accidents to the Happy Hour action that was very heavy at about quarter-til six as three attempted efforts to get into the field were waved and finally Scott Sharp bumped his way into the #20 spot.

I like Sharp quite a bit...he was awfully fast in the Indy Car series a few years back but could never really hold it together for an entire race...But, he's fast-enough to bring his ALMS sponsor, Patron, over to Indy which helped him secure a ride. And speaking of ALMS, Sharp has a commitment for that series next it was imperative for him to get in this weekend. So when Viso, Fisher and others moved out of the way so Sharp could get one last run in, I was impressed with the sportsmanlike effort.

Tiger Woods shot an extremely-human 73 on Sunday and ended the day 7 shots off of the winner at the Players Championship...Some Swede kicked his arse pretty-handily.

Seems to me that Tiger's lack of reps during the off-season left his game less-strong than he'd like...and his post-op recovery left him bigger and stronger than we've seen Woods (no cardio when you've got a busted knee) this point he's built less like a golfer and more like a slot receiver (think Chris Daniels and Keith Smith, not Dorien Bryant and Taylor Stubblefield).

Even with his game at a lower-level than what he's accustomed to and we, as fans, are used to, he's still in contention in nearly-ever tournament in which he plays...I still think he'll win at least one major this year.

Is there anything better in NBA basketball than watching Kobe pout and bitch his way to losing an NBA playoff game? I don't think so...and it's even better that Carl Landry can be part of it. I also like the fact that Brooks, who reminds me of an NBA Jam (circa the early-90s) point guard, is making it rain v. the Lakers.

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