Trail Blazers Ownership Suffers From Time-Space Dyslexia

"Uh, yeah, Kevin? You're fired. Well, in a few hours you're fired. Now get back to work and have a good draft! You're my guy! For now, anyway."

I heard about this on my ride to work this morning, mainly because I would never have sat through the entire NBA Draft and listened to Jay Bilas rant on and on about "wingspans." (As The Big Lead put it, aren't all basketball players blessed with big wingspans? They're basketball players.)

Turns out the Portland Trail Blazers fired their GM Kevin Pritchard an hour before the draft started. Oh, and then they still had him run their draft.


Now, I know a guy like this surely has the professional ethics to not sabotage the organization but, still, is there anything more obnoxious ownership could have done? If you're going to fire him, fire him last week. Or the next day. Not an hour before the draft.

Not that we like the NBA at all, but Pritchard made the Blazers competitive again and got them back to the playoffs, as well as sort of got rid of the criminal theme the Jail Blazers always had. But no, he should have know Greg Oden was going to be hurt for the rest of his life.

The NBA sucks.

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