Ostrich at it again...

photo courtesy of Tom Campbell and Gold and Black

Hummel won his second-consecutive BT POW following his lone performance of the week v. Davidson. With each game that Hummel dominates, I get this question more regularly- "Will he be around next season?"

Honestly, I don't have any reason to believe he'll be going anywhere at the end of this season, yet. But, if our Boilers put together a great run in March on Robbie's back, and his stock is high, why the heck not? I know I'd leave...guaranteed money is tough to turn down. Let's hope Purdue has such a problem to focus upon come April.

Did anybody else see LenDale White stomping on the terrible towel as his Titans whipped the Steelers? I did...I wonder if he knows that Tennessee could face them in just a matter of weeks. White has givin a very good Steelers defense some valuable bulletin board material, as if that defense needed any more motivation than getting cracked by the Titans.

Boilers move up in Coaches Poll.

Boilers back in top-10, according to the AP.

BTN, I'm looking at you.

That's What I 'm talkin' 'bout!