Sideboob Friday: Back in Business

It may be hard to believe, but this is my first Sideboob Friday of 2008. I've had about a month off from the rigors of this weekly feature but we're back in business now. And during that time away for me, Tim filled in admirably. As for last week, we had no sideboobs. One of the one weeks in the past six months where we've skipped it altogether. Why did we skip it? Well, I guess we didn't feel like it. And therein is a major problem. Because when a couple of dudes stop wanting to share sideboob goodness with others, well, what's the world coming to?

On to the goodies.

Our first pic is a doozy and one that was set to us by loyal ready and fellow sideboob lover Doug. This is Kimberly Holland and I don't know much else about her. She appears to be playful, though, and who doesn't like that?

Next up is the Yoko Ono of Dallas -- Jessica Simpson. This one was also sent in, I believe by Doug, and it's quite the stellar shot of Miss Simpson's goodies. Can you really blame Tony Romo for folloing these things down to Mexico?

In honor of the Australian Open going on now, here's a wonderful action shot from the tournament featuring Tamira Paszek, a young lass just trying to make her way on the tennis circuit. I'm not sure if she's ever officially won a tournament, but I think we can all agree she's a winner in our eyes.

And finishing things up today is Ms. Adrienne Manning. I'd heard her name before but couldn't really figure out who she was. So I did a Google search and learned a lot more... like that she's a porn star. So this is actually one of the tamest pictures out there of her.

All the best and a big Boiler Up to the Baby Boilers as they try to take down Wisconsin tomorrow afternoon.

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