Congrats, Robbie!!!

At this point, he's won nothing, but Hummel's been named to a truly elite group of players and his coach has been named to an elite fraternity as well. Robbie is up for National Player of the Year (Oscar Robertson Award) and Coach Painter's up for the Coach of the Year (Henry Iba Trophy). I'm not surprised by Painter being recognized, but am shocked by Hummel's name being on such a list. That said, what Hummel's done is worthy of some accolades...I can't wait until he and his team mates have a true point guard in the starting line-up. Should be fun.

By the way, I predict Hansbrough will win the POY award, and Coach K will win the Coach of the year...he's overcome so much to get that undermanned Duke squad to where they are right now.

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