It Could Have Been Worse...Much Worse

By now, you've probably all seen the new Keady Court graphics. In my opinion, they're very well done. J thinks the concept is sneakingly-familiar to ours from last week, but I think good design is good design and similarities happen in the design world quite often.

The new concept gets rid of the Special in center court, which is a positive. It puts focus on Keady by placing his signature on the court and doesn't genuflect at the altar of the B1G too much (it gives the right amount of respect to the conference, in my opinion).

There are a few people complaining about the change at center court and the overall design on the Purdue Athletics page on Facebook...but you won't hear any of that on this site. The Athletic Department got this one right, in our opinion as we were never huge fans of the train at center court and always like things that lean toward classic and simple.

With all of the poor decisions and near mistakes made over the last few years by the Purdue marketing family, this is a victory...and they needed one.
Coulda been worse.

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