The Various USA-centric Reactions to Donovan's Game-Winner

For those who haven't seen this, it's a pretty awesome compilation of reactions to the USA's game-winning (and Group-clinching, moving on-clinching, USA soccer-saving, etc.) goal by Landon Donovan in the 91st minute on Wednesday.

First, enjoy.

Okay, yes, some of it's a little cornpone and I'm not sure I needed to see the weird people in their basements who were evidently taking video of....themselves?  But nonetheless, I don't see how you can't get a bit of a chill seeing reactions like this all over the country (and, really, the world). And these were just the people who had footage of their reactions. This same thing happened in our TV lounge at work.

It doesn't matter if you're not a big soccer fan or you're one of these clowns who likes to purport that "nobody cares about soccer." That's ignorant and simply not true. Regardless, nationalism brings lots of people together.

Oh, and the best part? The video was compiled by Robby Donoho, a Purdue senior.

USA-Ghana, tomorrow at 2:30 Eastern.

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