Winless QB Is Charlie Weis' Lone Defender

Who knows more about winning than the QB of a 1-9 team?

Brady Quinn thinks firing Charlie Weis would be a big mistake.

He also thinks all the smart people at Notre Dame make for...uh...wait for it.... schematic advantages:

One of the arguments often given for Notre Dame's struggles is that the school's high academic standards make it difficult to recruit. Quinn sees it differently.

"It plays to their advantage, too, that smart players on the team are able to do a lot more from a schematic standpoint and prepare for teams in better fashion than other teams," he said.

Yes, indeed. Schematically-speaking, they're the best 6-5 team out there.

Brady also felt for innocent Jimmy Clausen after the latter got punched in the mush late Saturday night:

Quinn had sympathy for Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen, who was punched in the eye outside a South Bend bar early Sunday morning, hours after the Fighting Irish lost in double overtime to Connecticut.

"It's unfortunate anytime that sort of situation occurs," Quinn said. "You just hope everything is all right and there's nothing else from it. That's just part of it sometimes when the season is tough."

"I also hope his beautiful face wasn't damaged," Quinn did not say. But his eyes said it.

(Thanks to John for the link.)

Why is Purdue deserving of such an honor?

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