Boilers Mugged in NYC

As I type, Purdue is about to enter overtime...

But, they've already been robbed of this game.

Two Purdue starters are fouled out of the 'Nova players.  The two that are gone aren't Freshman, but vets- Byrd and AJ.

-TJohn was hit across the face with a forearm while flagrant, no official review.
-RonJohn was intentionally tripped, which is a flagrant...instead of a flagrant 1, a late whistle was the result.
-Finally, DJ Byrd was called for a flagrant after being pushed as he swung the ball high.  The rule states that if the elbows move faster than the hips, it's a flagrant...and if a player uses his elbows as weapons, it's a flagrant. Neither occurred.  The flagrant resulted in a four-point possession and Byrd on the bench...and Purdue not winning in regulation.

Let's not forget that the refs called the game one way for 'Nova, and another for Purdue.  Traveling, flagrant fouls, shoves while double teaming...anything went tonight.

Nicely done, officials- you earned this victory tonight for Villanova.

Regardless of what happens from here out, Purdue has already been robbed.

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