Brady Quinn's Pretty Face May Be Damaged

Since Tim refuses to write about Cleveland sports despite living in Cleveland, that means I have to. And what's happening in Cleveland? Besides being cold and snowy?

Well, Romeo Crennel apparently thinks he shouldn't be going anywhere and, more interestingly, in an early Christmas present, Brady Quinn has once against inserted himself into a messy situation.

Evidently he did something that a teammate didn't like and he got punched in his mug for it. It's always good when your supposed franchise quarterback is such an a-hole that he has other players taking swings at him.

Quinn was quoted as saying he didn't understand why Shaun Smith got so upset in the weight room. Brady said the way he was "spotting" Shaun was the way they always did it at Notre Dame. Something about the "Teabag spot."*

*May or may not be factually accurate.

Scout v. Rivals

BTN, I'm looking at you.