BS Reader Poll -- Game 1

Do you clowns think you’re smarter than us? Well, for one thing, take it easy – that’s not some kind of monumental accomplishment. Regardless, here’s your chance. Throughout the rest of the summer and leading up to the BS Semi-Official Season Preview in late August, we’re going to offer the first polls ever in BS’s illustrious history. Most people who run sites go bananacrazy with polls, but we tend to think polls are often stupid. But in this instance, they’re going to help us gauge what the readership of BS thinks of the upcoming Boilers season.

You’ll be polled on each game individually – Purdue versus each opponent, and we might even include links to Off The Tracks' thorough previews for each team. Vote once, vote a bunch of times, do whatever you want. Because we know if we asked you to only vote once, we know you’d ignore it anyway.

And this isn’t just for Boilermaker supporters. Hate the Boilers? Think they’re terrible? Then vote for them to lose. All we ask if that you vote what you THINK will actually happen in each game – not what you WANT to see happen. So if you’re a big-time Northern Colorado believer, vote for them to win. (Same goes for other Division 1-AA kinds of teams, such as Notre Dame.)

Today is the first game poll. Polls will remain open until we decide to close them, but no later than August 25. We will then post our season preview that week and then it’ll be on, biotches. If you all predict a 4-8 season and we say 8-4 and it goes our way, we will then act all superior. Because we’re jerks that way. Enjoy and thanks for playing.

Game 1
September 6, 2008
Northern Colorado at Purdue
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